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KODAK Safelight Filters

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General Information

This TI documents the spectrophotometric graphs of KODAK Safelight Filters. Specific safelight filter recommendations are provided in individual product TI documents, which include frosted bulb wattage for use in the safelight lamp and minimum distance between the lamp and the photographic material.

Additional information on safelight use and testing is provided in KODAK Publications K-4, How Safe is Your Safelight? A Guide to Darkroom Illumination, and B-3, KODAK Photographic Filters Handbook.

KODAK Safelight Filter




Greenish yellow

Black-and-white contact and duplicating materials, projection films


Light amber

Contact and enlarging papers


Light yellow

Flashing halftones made through a KODAK Contact Screen for contrast control



Blue-sensitive materials and most phototypesetting materials


Light red

Slow orthochromatic materials


Dark red

Fast orthochromatic materials, green-sensitive x-ray films


Dark green

Some panchromatic materials



Blue-sensitive x-ray films



Some panchromatic materials


Dark yellow

Color print and color intermediate motion-picture films


Dark amber

Color negative papers, materials, panchromatic black-and-white papers


Appears opaque, transmits infrared radiation

For use with infrared inspection devices



Color negative papers, panchromatic black-and-white papers


Dark red

Most blue-sensitive x-ray films, most green-sensitive medical x-ray films


These graphs are designed to be printed in landscape mode. They will print properly on most printers in their current page set-up of 100%. However, some printers may require adjustments to the browser page set-up in order to have the graph print on a single 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper.


A) KODAK OA Safelight Filter / greenish yellow (12-80)
B) KODAK OC Safelight Filter / light amber (12-80)
C) KODAK OO Safelight Filter / light yellow (12-80)
D) KODAK 1 Safelight Filter / red (12-80)
E) KODAK 1A Safelight Filter / light red (12-80)
F) KODAK 2 Safelight Filter / dark red (12-80)
G) KODAK 3 Safelight Filter / dark green (12-80)
H) KODAK 6B Safelight Filter / brown (12-80)
I) KODAK 7B Safelight Filter / dark green (10-90)
J) KODAK 8 Safelight Filter / dark yellow (12-80)
K) KODAK 10 Safelight Filter / dark amber (12-80)
L) KODAK 11 Safelight Filter / appears opaque (12-80)
M) KODAK 13 Safelight Filter / amber (12-80)
P) KODAK GBX-2 Safelight Filter / dark red (12-80)

Safelight Intensification

Q) GBX-2 Safelight Filter (6-81)
This curve displays the effect of safelight intensification on typical blue-sensitive and ortho-sensitive Kodak medical x-ray films for the GBX-2 Filter is recommended.

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1 NOTICE: The sensitometric curves and data in this publication represent product tested under the conditions of exposure and processing specified. They are representative of production coatings, and therefore do not apply to a particular box or roll of photographic material. They do not represent standards or specifications that must be met by Eastman Kodak Company. The company reserves the right to change and improve product characteristics at any time.

Kodak Professional Division Data Sheet
Reissued 07-99
Copyright, Eastman Kodak Company,1999